video production

New Client Sodafloat very happy with film

Paul Jessop


Our new client Paul of Peejay tackle Ltd contacted us about filming a new product film for his company called the Sodafloat.

We decided after reading about this new patented fishing float device was so unique that a series of films detailing its usage and how to use it would be an added bonus for him when he took it to the trade shows.

Paul is genuinely nice guy and has sunk a good deal of his life savings into this new product that could change the bait fishing community and we felt it deserved more than one film to explain its potential.

After several conversations on a script we shot each film over a day at a fishery in East Riding of Yorkshire on the Canon XF105 broadcast camera. We put a wireless mic on Paul for clean crisp sounds as there was most background noise coming particularly from a flock of geese who seemed to be lost and flew in circles.

We also shot an additional day for tank splash filming at Paul's home and an interview with Paul about the idea he came up with and how he got it to the market place, soon to come.

Additional y we have produced several product shots for the Sodafloat for Paul to take to the Trade show later this month.

Paul was very happy with the final films and photography.

Political Interview Filming

LBC Radio Station Booth

Heart FM Radio

This is Global own Heart FM, Capital Radio, LBC and Classic to name a few and they were interested in recording the Conservative Party Conference in Manchester.

I recently was contacted by This is Global to film some interviews for them. It was a straight forward shoot where I would setup static with a broadcast camera and capture audio straight into the camera. Normally I would record separately onto an external recorder but this is real world filming and a journalistic filming approach was needed for me to film over 30 interviews during a 2 day conference.

My setup was simple with a Canon XF105 broadcast video camera, Rode Shotgun mic, Interview Mic, Headphones and a 600 LED Light and gels. Originally I had brought in Sennheiser Wireless Mics but the client were happy with a hand mic as it had their logo on and so we got ready for our interviewees to appear. 

Below is one of the short video interviews I shot and this is straight out of the camera as I assumed the Video Editor on location would dial in some color balance over the 2 days. The main issue would be the large plasma screen in the background which had to be exposed first so as not to bleed into the interviewee's and once I set this up I used the main 600 LED Light against the ambient background. To finish off the lighting of their other side of face I used my portable 125 LED Top Light with some black tin wrap to direct it.

I think the main issue on filming in a busy party conference is having to constantly move video camera and lights between interviews as its a working stand this was performed numerous times and in some part I am glad that I did not have to attach a wireless Audio Mic as well.